Vena Cork – Thorn


Vena Cork Thorn

Title        : Thorn
Author      : Vena Cork
Pages       : 340
ISBN        : 9780755323937

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A tragedy has changed Rosa Thorn’s life forever. She’s taken the post of drama teacher at the local school that her teenage son and daughter attend, but something strange is going on. When a growing sense of unease turns into sudden violence, Rosa fears for her safety, and even more so, that of her children. For her daughter is the object of someone’s demented infatuation. But like a diseased animal, the real threat stalks the shadows, in the night-black recesses of the undergrowth—not just of the city, but of the human mind.

I’m very good at picking up books that are really good 🙂 I picked this book up a while ago at our library. Sometimes, they sell old books for really cheap. This book was one of the books for sale and I thought it might be interesting. And I was right. I finished the book in about three days, which is very fast for me since I’m a really slow reader. It’s written in a really great way and Vena really know how to get your attention and keep it. It was hard for me to put this book down and really felt part of Rosa. My mind tried to be one step ahead every single time and everytime I thought I knew something…. I didn’t. The book is full of ‘happenings’ and there’s never a dull moment. What I found best about this book is that there is a lot of variation and not long-winded AT ALL. I kept wanting to read ahead to know what would happen next. I loved this book a lot and would definitely recommend it! If you like a thrill, this is the book for you. I can’t wait to read more books by Vena Cork. I hope her other books are just as good as this one.



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