Spring cleaning… how is it going so far?

So how am I doing with my spring cleaning? I’m actually doing not so bad. I have already cleaned half the kitchen so only a little bit more to go. Apart from the stove, I’ve cleaned up the most filthy places and I have to admit, I am shocked at the things I’ve discovered. I’ve found mice, droppings, dragons, unicorns, roaches… No just kidding. Nothing that bad (although it would be awesome to find a dragon or a unicorn). I did have sticky cupboards from honey or something that has been spilled and I have no idea what else. Also the dishwasher was really, really, really dirty. And that thing did my dishes!!!! I’m actually really ashamed and embarresed. This is what my dishwasher looked like before I cleaned it:


Very dirty dishwasher                                     Did you know your dishwasher could be this dirty

Do you see the disgusting buildup in the ridges and in the corner? I mean: WHOOOW, how the hell did I let this get so far? Anyway, I cleaned it with hardcore stuff: ammonia. It smells really, really bad but cleans really, really well 😀 So bellow is the result after I had done the whole dishwasher. Much better, don’t you agree? I have no idea where the streaks come from :S

Clean your dishwasher with ammonia when it's really dirty

So what does the rest of the kitchen look like, you may wonder…. well… * looks very ashamed * something like this:


One very messy kitchen                            Trash piled up in the kitchen

And the microwave:

Dirty microwave                            Cleaning your dirty microwave


Apart from the microwave, I have no idea how it got this far. The microwave is very simple: my hubby heated up some soup and the soup kinda exploded in the microwave and he never cleaned it. Since I already clean pretty much everything AND because he’s old enough to clean up his own sh*t, I thought he should just clean it…. He didn’t and it just got more and more dirty.

OK, so a little something about the microwave. Don’t say: OMG, that is so bad!!! It changes the molecules of your food!
That’s just plain stupid! Sorry, but it is. It bullocks. If my microwave (or any other microwave) would change the molecules of the food, you would throw soup in the microwave and get a unicorn when it’s done. Get the picture? On the other hand, your chocolate cake might turn out purple. Just sayin’.
Anyway, I cleaned the microwave with some soap and water and I’ve cleaned some cupboards and this is what the clean things look like:

Very clean microwave                                 Clean your microwave the easy way


Now, that’s a clean microwave! Of course, I have forbidden everyone to use it ever again! No soup, no popcorn, no cherry pit pillow, NOTHING!!! It is not to be used EVER AGAIN! *holds up sarcasm sign in case people might think I’m a total loon* The cupboards look like this:

Clean cupboard                                Clean and organised cupboard

That’s a big improvement, isn’t it? Spring cleaning is so much fun (when you start the see the results… before that, you just think “f*ck, what did I get myself into”)! I’ll keep you up-to-date =)

Until next time *waves*

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