Queensday… or Kingsday… whatever

Ok, so today is a big holiday in the Netherlands: Kingsday! It used to be Queensday but now that we have a king, it has, of course, become Kingsday (I still prefer to call it Queensday because that’s what it has been for years. Anyway, what is this? Well, click the link below to find out.

This guy is absolutely amazing and he does a wonderful thing explaining what this day is. And he is right. If you look at all the junk people have: A-MA-ZING! Some have pretty new and good stuff but others have really old crap, you can’t even sell in a charity shop. I know the lady from our local charity shop and she was not happy last year. Her shop is closed on holidays so what people did was leave everything they did not sell at the front door of the charity shop. This way, she was unable to refuse stuff. She doesn’t accept things she knows she can’t sell. It’s not like she has an endless amount of space. So the next few days after Kingsday, she was busy sorting everything out and placing it somewhere in her shop. I bet this year, it will be no different from last year. If you think this is weird, I’m talking about stuff people are trying to sell for like 20 cents or something. If you cannot sell something like that at a flea market, you probably won’t sell it anyway.

I went to the market at around 9.30 am, which is really early. It was already pretty crowded and it was cold. I was there with two 7-year-olds (my friends kids whom I absolutely adore) and they wanted to see pretty much everything. As time passed by, it got more and more crowded and I was less and less pleased. I do not like crowded places because I will likely get a panic attack and start crying and hyperventilating in the middle of a very, very, very crowded place. Not the best picture you can imagine but it just happens to me. I have come to accept that this is now part of me. It’s quite hard to explain what a panic attack really is. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to understand. Some people say: ‘Oh, just get over yourself. It’s not that bad’ This is NOT the right thing to say to someone who is panicking. I know I’m not going to die, that I’m not sick and that nothing bad is going to happen. I know it’s “just” a panic attack and it will stop because the human body can only take so much. However, it’s not that easy to be rational in the middle of a panic attack. After a while, I gave the girls 15 minutes before we were going back home. That gave them some time to run around and look at everything that was for sale and it gave me the knowledge I was going to be away from all of those people in just a short while: everybody happy! Looking back at it, I’m really proud of myself. It was busy and I managed to keep my anxiety under control! There were many, many things to do and I could even enjoy some of the things. SCOOOOREEEEE!!!

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