Ma birthday!

Okay, so if you have been following me or if you know me, you know that yesterday was my birthday. The day before, I was very nervous and worried because there was this bad burning smell and blue mist or something coming from the kitchen… you know… like something burned… BIG TIME! My hubby was baking my birthday cake and assured me everything was fine and that my cake would turn out great… Hard to believe when you see your kitchen is basically on fire. Anyway, I have to admit: he was right! Look at how it turned out:

birthday cake

Can you guess how old I am now? ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, it looks amazing. He didn’t reveal the cake until it was actually my birthday and in the meantime I was not allowed to look in the cupboard where we keep our plates… Handy place to keep a birthday cake…. NOT. So what did he do?

He baked two cakes: a large one and a smaller one. Since the cake pans didn’t fit in the oven together, he placed them a little bit against each other so he ended up with two weirdly shaped cakes. He cut them both in half and but homemade buttercream between these layers. He than stacked the cakes on top of eachother with a very nice lemon curd filling. He played around with the curd and the buttercream a bit to even out the cakes: pretty smart, I have to admit. He then covered everything in a delicious dark chocolate ganache and decorated it with easter bunnies and eggs because it’s almost Easter time ๐Ÿ˜€ I love the way it turned out.

So I will now admit to the entire world: MY HUSBAND WAS RIGHT (again) AND I WAS WRONG (again)! I should really have more faith in my husband. Oh well.. I guess I’m just a bit stubborn ^_^

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