Buying a haunted house: creepy or downright genius?

Ok, so today I read this newspaper article about a football player who had bought a haunted villa. This immediately got my attention and I started a little research about this villa. Is it really haunted or is it all just a bollocks?
After what I’ve read about the villa, I’m still not positive that it is actually haunted.

But would you look at the place:
(haunted) Relais Villa Altachiara - bedroom                     (haunted) Relais Villa Altachiara - don't you want to eat here

(haunted) Relais Villa Altachiara - garden and view                     (haunted) Relais Villa Altachiara

Description of buildings
The property is made up of the main villa – 750m² spread over three stories – which houses the reception desk, the restaurant with professional kitchen, the bar and 13 guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Nearby there are two other buildings: one 97m² single storey structure which has been divided into two studio apartments with private entrances, and one 18m² structure housing a small office and the oven. Next to the main villa a third building, with basement, has been erected. It has a total surface area of 192m² and houses auxiliary rooms such as a changing room with bathroom, a pantry, the boiler room, a technical room and a large garage.

The structures are in good condition.

Outdoor space
The property includes some 6 hectares of land, one hectare of which is a vineyard.The Relais is surrounded by a spacious garden and its most panoramic area boasts an 18x9m swimming pool.

Usage and potential
Relais Villa Altachiara is an ideal property for those who wish to continue this high level tourism business in one of Central Italy’s most prized positions.

[Photos and text in italic taken from Italy Magazine]

Haunted or not, this place has got a lot of potential. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you would think this man is just downright genius: buying a house which is said to be haunted for very little money. It’s a fact that houses which are supposedly haunted are usually pretty cheap. But is this man a genius? What if it really is haunted? What can you do about it? I’m still not sure about that. I’m not sure if I would buy a haunted house. It sounds awesome but I really do believe in ghosts and knowing that my house might be haunted would just gives me the chills. What about you? Do you think this man made a very clever purchase? If you had the money, would you have bought it?

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