Cleaning the table and chairs

I have been painting quite a lot lately, so there was some paint on the table (woops). Since it was acrylic paint, I was not so worried. I just let it dry and I decided to clean it whenever I felt like it.

*** OK, hold on. I’m going to interrupt this post to tell you what just happened. We have a rabbit and a cat. They are best buddies! Seriously. We usually leave the rabbit cage open because it makes the bun feel good or something. Here’s why:
This is making him really happy. Anyway, the cat feels like a father to the rabbit or something so sometimes, when the bun is out, the cat pins the bun to the floor and starts cleaning it. Only when the cat is done, the rabbit is free to go. Just now, the cat jumped in the cage and wanted to clean the rabbit. The rabbit, however, felt like doing something else and started trying to hump the cat. The cat jumped out of the cage, looked really sad, looked at the rabbit again, jumped in the cage again and ….. started cleaning the bunny. That was like the cutest thing! I couldn’t take a really good picture because they were moving so much.
End of interruption***

Where was I? Oh right, cleaning the table whenever I felt like doing that. I didn’t really see the point in cleaning it when I knew I was going to paint the next day anyway. After a few days, I had enough of painting and decided to clean the table. I took a nail brush, some water and some and a little washing soap. The only thing I did was squeeze a little bit of liquid washing soap on the table, wetten the brush and just scrubbed the whole table.  Off course I didn’t take a “before” picture but look at how clean it looks now. It still has a lot of stains and paint on it that’s not water-based. But that was my hubster’s fault 😀 It’s a very old table and definately ready to be replaced but we really don’t have a budget for that so we’re going to have to do with this table for a while. Our financial situation will get better one day and then we can save up some money for a new table.

Brushing with nail brush         Clean table

Next were the felt thingies under the legs of the table and the chairs. They were really dirty and even though they are pretty cheap, we cannot afford new ones. So I decided to clean them with the vacuum cleaner. That was not so successful. Next, I just tried to brush them a bit with the same old nail brush I used to clean the table. And look at this:

Dirty felt under chair


Clean felt on chair
Aaaaaand, the brush after I’ve done one chair:

Look how dirty that nail brush is

Yuck! So all you need to clean these felt thingies is just an old nail brush that is a little wet. Scrub, scrub, scrub… and you’re done!!!! It’s that simple!

Try it and let me know if this worked for you too.

Have fun!



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