Cleaning the blinds

Ok, I have to be honest: I do not like cleaning the blinds. I had no idea how to do it so I thought I had to wipe each and every single stupid slat. That was taking up a lot of time so I didn’t really clean them as often as I planned and hoped I would. Then, I searched the internet for solutions. Lots of people said you could just throw them in a tub, let the warm water tab run and voìla. Yeah….. we don’t really have a tub anymore. Some people said to take them with you under the shower. Didn’t like that idea either. Then, I saw that people were really enthusiastic about hanging the blinds outside and just hosing them down. BRILLIANT!!!! So I neglected the blinds all together because now I had a valid reason: as soon as it’s warmer outside, I’ll thoroughly clean them. Summer came, I dragged the first blind outside, hosed it down and let it dry. Simple as that. Off course, I forgot all about them so about an hour and a half later, I came back to check whether they were dry and they were…. and also really, really, really dirty. Instead of having dust all over, it now had sort of waterdrop-dust. Clearly, this didn’t work for me. Months passed and my blinds were still no closer to getting nice and clean. Last week, I was looking at pinterest again and found a trick with an old sock and vinegar. For some reason, I decided to give that trick a go. It smelled really bad BUT it worked! Yes, finally something that could make my blinds really clean. I know that I still have to wipe down every single slat but after cleaning the blinds, I could just keep them clean with a duster and once a year or so, clean them with vinegar again.

My health is still very far from ideal so I just cleaned a blind a day. We have three in the front and two in the back. One very large one for the big window and a small one for the window next to it. It takes an aweful lot of time and I get tired quickly but it works. It’s better to work at a very slow pace than cleaning everything and not being able to do anything else for a whole week. It’s pretty frustrating but that’s just the way it is. I’ll explain some more about my health in one of the following posts.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the process.
This is what they looked like (I don’t have pictures from the blind I hosed down because I had already cleaned that one when I decided to dedicate a post to this wonderful trick):

Cleaning the Blinds

Pretty dirty, huh?
The process is really easy. I used vinegar only. Some people mix it with water: half water, half vinegar. I just pulled the sock over my hand, dipped it in the vinegar and wiped off the slats.

Sock and vinegar                  Cleaning blinds with sock and vinegar                    Clean and dirty slads

Is that awesome or is that awesome? Look at the last picture. What a difference! I’m so super enthusiastic about this method. Vinegar is really cheap and since we’re kind of struggling and have a huge debt, it’s nice to find cheap cleaning tricks.

Sock after two slads

This is what my sock looked like after two slats, yuck!

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