Birthday coming up… new me :D

despicable_me_3_Minion Birthday
Promise and Announcement

Ok, so tomorrow is my birthday (YAY!) and I have decided to really dedicate myself to this blog. I will regularly publish new posts and I will start a YouTube channel. I have so many ideas and it’s about time that I actually do something with those ideas. I will make two channels on YouTube: a Dutch one and an English one. I am currently experimenting with making videos and editing them so it might take a few days before I’ve uploaded my first vid. So keep following me and see what’s keeping me busy.


[At this very moment my husband is baking my birthday cake and there’s a really bad smell (like something burnt) and like this blue mist or something coming from the kitchen. He keeps assuring me that my birthday cake will be great. I’m really worried and have no idea what to expect. He let me taste the dough and it was great so maybe I will have a nice cake tomorrow. Only time will tell, I guess]

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