Amazing man

So I read a news article recently and it had this video embedded in it:

This man is an absolute genius! I mean, look at the “paintings” he makes. I sure as hell can’t do what he does… I can’t even draw or paint it! And I have full control over my body! (well.. sort of). Don’t you think that he is amazing? Even though he has a severe disability, he can create things like the Mona Lisa and many more amazing things. He makes his art in black and white and he makes them in colour! Heck, I didn’t even know you could do something like that on a typewriter. How does he even do this? It looks like he’s just banging on some keys and if you look closely at one of his paintings, you can see that it really does consist of the letters he typed.typewriter art by an amazing man


If you want to know more about this amazing artist, google him! His name is Paul Smith and he is known worldwide as the ‘typewriter artist’. This site gives quite a lot of information on Mr. Smith and on his disability. This website, shows some more of Paul’s work and the person behind the website is a bit of a typewriter artist himself, too (just scroll to the bottom of the page to see ByteMaster’s art!). Unfortunately, he passed away in June 2007.

This reminds me: my mum still has an old typewriter somewhere around the house (probably on the attic). I should ask her if I can borrow it and prove to myself that I absolutely stink at reproducing this man’s art. I’m going to write that on my to do-list. Who else would like to watch me attempt to make something like Mr. Smith makes?

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