Homemade Sushi

Yesterday, my stepson turned eighteen and he decided to have a little party at our place. He wanted to join us for dinner so I decided to make him some sushi. I wanted to make it really perfect, so I bought fish, chicken, veggies, some more nori (just in case) and some very fresh fish (salmon and tuna) to serve as sashimi. Because sushi takes quite some time to make, I started in time because I wanted it all to be finished before our little birthday boy came (ok, he’s way taller than I am but who cares… I do!) I had to clean the kitchen, the living room (I was unaware of the fact he wanted to celebrate his birthday at our place until my mother-in-law called at 4 to tell me she and my father-in-law were coming over in the evening and to ask me whether I was aware of that. She had the feeling I wasn’t and…. she was right. I still had to do some shopping so no big deal. Of course, as usual, my planning was crap. I was already cooking the rice when my mother-in-law called and when that had to cool, I quickly drove to the store to buy the rest.

It all went quite well, apart from the fact that it took a little longer than I planned and that we didn’t have enough soy sauce so my husband had to go back to the store to buy it. Seriously, we ALWAYS have soy sauce (Kikkoman… the good stuff). At the end of my cooking adventure, I had this:


Unfortunately, the picture is of poor quality because I took it with my phone and it doesn’t have the best camera. Anyway, the first tray of sushi consisted of some rolls with tuna, avocado and cucumber and some rolls with cucumber and avocado. I also added some pickled ginger because I LOOOOOOOOVE pickled ginger! Ok, so the sushi isn’t picture perfect but it tasted great. And, for a change, I was quite happy with how it turned out.

Sushi Tuna
The second tray consisted of sashimi. Because I ran a bit out of time, my husband was so nice to cut the fish. He cut the tuna in cubes to save some time but I still think it looks nice and it certainly tasted great! I really love to get me a piece of fish, put some pickled ginger on it, top it with some good wasabi paste and dip it in soy sauce. Omnomnomnomnomnom.

As you can see, the third sushi tray consisted of some salmon (in the front). I first marinated the salmon for about 30 minutes in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, mirin and some wasabi-coated sesame seeds and then pan-fried on the skin. In the back, you can see some pieces of teriyaki-flavoured chicken. I had some strips of chicken which I marinated for about 30 minutes in a mixture of teriyaki sauce and freeze-dried cilantro and then quickly baked in a very hot cooking pan. It was still so juicy <3

Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki
And we’re already at our last tray of sushi. I made some rolls with salmon, avocado and cucumber which, I think, is also a great combination. These don’t look perfect either but the taste was great AND it made a huge difference that I cooked the rice very well (Yay for me). The other pieces of sushi you see are my california rolls mad from avocado and cucumber and topped with
wasabi-coated sesame seeds. Again, not perfect but sooooo tasty! Like I did with the fish, I just got a piece of sushi, coated it with a little piece of pickled ginger, put some wasabi paste on top en dipped it in the soy sauce.

Sushi Salmon

It was quite expensive because of the fresh fish but I wanted to make it special for my stepson. I believe he really enjoyed it so it was really worth the money and the effort. And, another plus was that I had like six rolls left so we had a very lovely lunch today 🙂 One day-old sushi is not as great as fresh sushi but it still made a lovely lunch!

What do you think of my sushi experience?



  1. Very nice, I love sushi!

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