National Sausage Pizza Day!

I love healthy food and I definitely watch what I eat BUT it is no secret that I love pizza as well. Have you ever checked the bottom of a pizza box? Have you got any idea how many calories are in a pizza? You’ll be shocked. Whenever I eat pizza, I usually make it myself. I know it still has quite a few calories but at least I can control what goes in, e.g. the amount of cheese.

A few years ago, I went to Chicago to visit my friend. She took me to this place where they had really good pizza. We ordered some mozzarella sticks and something called a ‘deep dish pizza’. I never had mozzarella but I do love mozzarella… It was heaven! Anyway, we ordered the sticks as an appetizer and after we had finished, we still had to wait quite a while for a pizza. I wondered why the hell it would take that long and then, our…. something came. In front of us was something that looked to me like a pie. My friend said that it was pizza and I was like: ‘Nuh-uh, that’s a pie!’ I mean, a pizza is flat, right? This was just a pizza made in a cake pan or something. Even though I refused to admit it was pizza and not pie, it was a great pizza and ever since I wanted to make one myself. When I saw that today is Sausage Pizza Day, I decided to make a Chicago-style Sausage Pizza. I used this recipe for the pizza (as a guide) but made my own pizza dough with spelt flour and my own tomato sauce. Instead of pork sausages, I used ‘beer sausage’ which we bought at a local store and I omitted the mozzarella. I made quite a lot of dough and I was unsure how to get it in the cake pan and whether the dough was going to get fully cooked. I decided to put the dough in the pan and place it in the oven while it was preheating and then take it out to put in the filling: BIG mistake! Luckily, I checked after about 10 minutes whether everything was going well and to my horror saw that I nearly had a pizza dough cake. It was almost level… At least it rises well, haha. I quickly took it out of the oven and reshaped it. I poured in the filling and threw it back in the oven. I baked it for about 30 minutes and it was perfect. Look at it:

Chicago Deepdish Sausage Pizza                            Chicago Deepdish Sausage Pizza

Ok, so the first picture is the one I took with my phone, the second one is the one my husband took with his phone. Guess who has the better camera on the phone. Apart from the bad photo, I’m really proud of this. I can’t believe I did it. It was super delishes and really rich. The mushrooms, tomato and sauce have a nice soft and creamy texture and the sausage and olives give it a bit of a saltyness and a bit of a bite. I guess you can use whatever sausage or ingredients you like. I really liked it without the cheese and actually didn’t miss it. I would definitely make it again and maybe try to make a vegan version.

What’s your favourite pizza? Care to share in a comment down below?

Don’t forget, tomorrow is National Gumbo Day! If you want to know what I have planned for tomorrow, check back tomorrow 🙂

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