National Noodle Day

Happy Noodle Day! Yes, today we’re celebrating Noodle Day so I decided to make a noodle soup. I created my own recipe and call it “Ingenious Noodle Soup” because it’s made specially for my friend Inge. Last night, I made the batter for the noodles and let it stand overnight.
“You made your own noodles?”
Yes, it was quite easy actually. This morning, I gave the batter a good stir and steamed the whole lot. Unfortunately, I only have a small steaming basket, not steam pan so I had to get creative. This is how I steamed my noodles:

Steamer set up to steam my homemade rice noodles

And my first batch is steaming away (I took the picture and then placed the lid of the steam basket on top):

First try to make my own rice noodles

It took quite some time to steam everything but I’m really pleased with the result:

Batch of homemade rice noodles

The first thing I did this morning, however, was marinate my chicken. About half an hour before dinner, I pan-fried the chicken, and made the rest of the soup ready. I used my own chicken stock which I had prepared the day before as well.

Behold my Ingenious Noodle Soup:

Ingenious Noodle Soup with Fresh Noodles created by Okashi Nederland

Because I used Organic, free-range chicken thighs, the meat was so incredibly tender and because I marinated it all day, it had a really strong but good flavour. It was sweet and salty and just sooooo juicy. And it went really well with my stock. I made a Chinese style stock with ginger and szechuan pepper corns. So it was a little bit spicy as well as salty from the soy sauce and sweet from the teriyaki sauce. Also the egg gave it a little extra and the bok choy gave it a little crunch. I think it was very succesful.

Did you do anything for Noodle Day? Care to share in a comment down below?

Don’t forget, tomorrow is National Frappe Day. Want to know what I did for this day? Check back tomorrow for another ‘Every Day is Special’.

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