The Lovely Husband

My Sweetheart

The lovely husband…. what is he like?

Well, my husband is lovely because he worked very hard in the kitchen to prep a three-course dinner. As a starter, we had a lovely Thai-style shrimp soup with coconut milk. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the soup. On the brigh¬†t side, he now has to make it again so I can take a picture ūüėÄ (memo to self: remind/force husband to make soup again).

The soup was seriously amazing. Hot but very tasty. He served it with a small¬†bowl full of little pineapple chunks to balance the heat of the soup a bit (I’m not really sure how to say it but I’m sure you know what I mean). It was absolutely devine!

The next course was a decomposed lasagna. My hubby is really good at making sauces and he did it again: he made a killer-sauce! We don’t eat wheat so we had to buy spelt lasagna. Unfortunately, our organic food¬†store didn’t have these lasagna sheets in stock so my hubby decided to buy cannelloni pasta. As a side dish, he made a little salad with rocket salad, tomato, red onion served with¬†a delicious¬†dressing. Doesn’t it look pretty? (His dishes always look delicious…I’m not jealous or anything… just saying it…)

Pasta                                             Arugula (rocket)

At this point, I was really stuffed. There was not even room for dessert. I know… no room for dessert. That’s almost impossible.

We still had some apple pie left so I thought that that was what we had for dessert. Suddenly, my husband left. Didn’t say anything… just shut the door, stepped into the car and drove off.
About five minutes later he came back with a little pink bag. He went into the kitchen and two minutes later he came out with a long plate with a piece of apple pie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some chocolate drizzled on the ice cream. It looked so nice. I’m almost positive I took a picture but I can’t seem to find it on my phone. Together with this dessert, he brought out a tiny plate with three chocolates on it. It was so nice! I’ll keep searching for the picture and will post it as soon as I’ve found it.

So, basically, this is the reason why I think I have a lovely husband. Don’t you agree?

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