Kefir: yay or nay?

And what the hell may that be?
Uhm… good question. It’s kind of like a thick fluid milk drink, almost like skim yoghurt, and has a lightly sour flavour. It’s from the Kaukasus region and Tibet and supposedly has a lot of benefits. We heard through the grapevine that this really was a “miracle potion” so my husband and I thought we should give it a go as well.


Kefir can be bought in grains and in a sachet with the bacteria and yeast culture. I know…. it sounds weird. We chose the latter and also bought a large plastic measuring jug because it is very important it doesn’t come into contact with any metal or something. The only thing we had to do was dump the content of 1 sachet into 1 liter of milk. You can basically use any kind of milk: soy milk, raw milk, cow’s milk, sheep milk, almond milk, etc. You name it, it probably works. We have chosen soy milk. After 48 hours, we had kefir, ready to drink. It was indeed thicker and smelled a bit sour. I was not sure what to think. Anyway, it is supposed to be good for your health, so: BOTTOMS UP! First reaction: ugh! No wait, that’s not right. First reaction: UGH!!!!! It took me quite a while to drink it all up. It was disgusting! What a horrible drink! It was really sour and just … ugh. I cannot even describe it. It might have been because we didn’t stir it. Anyway, you can keep making kefir by adding three tablespoons of the kefir drink to a liter of milk, wait 24 hours and voila: new kefir. Because my husband nearly drank all the kefir (he liked it…) and wanted more, I went back to the store, bought some more soy milk and let my hubby make more kefir. 24 Hours later: new kefir. I decided to take another mug anyway because it is supposed to be healthy. OMG! I cannot believe it. This time we have stirred the drink and it is delicious! I’m not sure whether it is because it only “ripened” for 24 hours or because we stirred the drink this time but it was AMAZING!

So what are the benefits of kefir?
A number of benefits of kefir in a row:

– it contains yeast and right spinning lactose bacteria which are good for your bowels. This means it makes a great probiotic.
– it is easy to digest.
– it barely contains lactose. The bacteria turn lactose into acid, air and a small amount of alcohol. It improves the digestion of lactose.
– it contains vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, D and K, minerals and essential amino acids.
– it has a possitive effect on your mood and on depression.
– it contains calcium.
– it supports detoxification.




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