Happy Great Union Day!

Today is ‘Great Union Day’ in Romania. It’s a national holiday also known as ‘Unification Day’ (Ziua Marii Uniri in Romanian). On this day, they celebrate the union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918. I decided to do a little something for this special day by cooking some Romanian food. After a long time, a settled for the following dishes:

Main course: Chicken Ghiveci served with salata de vinete
Dessert: Amandine

I started early so I wouldn’t stress. Firstly, I cooked the aubergine in the oven. I needed this for my salad and that needed to be cold. While my aubergine was cooking, I was making my Amandine. As soon as the aubergine got out of the oven, I let the oven cool a bit and wacked in the cake. Next, I made the filling for the chocolate cake and then cut the onion for the salad. I wacked everything for the salad in the blender and finished that so the flavours could develop.
Next, I got the cake out of the oven and let that cool. All that was left to do was the glazing for the cake which  I wanted to save for last and the Chicken Ghiveci. I cut all the ingredients and carefully followed the recipe.

This is the end result:

Chicken Ghiveci - Romanian braised chicken                                         Salata de vinete - Romanian Aubergine salat

The stew was really nice. It’s a perfect dish for these cold December days. It’s rich and filling and packed with flavour! The chicken was moist and the sauce was a perfect complement to the chicken. My husband HATES cooked carrots but he really liked this dish 😀 SCORE!

I served the salad in a little Roma tomato and served two of them with each chicken leg. I liked the cold side dish because it kind of cut through the richness of the stew. It was nice, fresh and creamy.

Now, the chocolate cake. My, my… the chocolate cake. I don’t know what to say. It is rich and full of flavour. It might not be the healthiest dish but it is AMAZING! I love chocolate and this was the perfect end to a very yummy dinner.

Amandine - Romanian Chocolate Cake: rich and creamy

So, what do you think? Have you done anything today to celebrate Unification Day? Let me know in a comment below 🙂

Don’t forget, tomorrow is ‘Fritters Day’. If you want to know what I’ve come up with to celebrate this special day, be sure to check back tomorrow.

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