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A Lovely Three-course Meal

Yesterday, we had some friends over. I wanted to make a lovely meal for everyone so I started cooking early. This was what my menu looked like:

Japanese noodle soup with chicken teriyaki

Aubergine curry, salad and basmati rice

Lemon pound cake

I’m like the worst cook in the world: I want everything to be perfect and prefer to make everything from scratch! OK, that doesn’t make me the worst cook but sometimes it can be really annoying to ‘want’ all these things. Anyway, I started out with making a schedule… sort of. Then, I did all the groceries. I made a list but had to do a few other things as well. I usually freak out and forget half of the stuff I need. But yesterday… I still don’t know what happened but I was relaxed, had everything under control, didn’t forget anything… It was a whole new experience.

When I came home again, I started prepping everything. First I had to make the chicken stock for the noodle soup. I put the ingredients in the pressure cooker:
Chicken soup

turned on the heat and let it cook. The pan contains chicken thighs, wings, carrot, thyme, rosemary, leek, onion and bay leaves (from my own garden… as well as the rosemary and thyme).

Next were my chicken thigh fillets which I had to marinate. I wanted to marinate them as long as possible because the longer the meat marinates, the better the flavour. I chose free-range chicken because that meat actually contains flavour. I cut the chicken up in strips, made the marinade and threw the chicken in. Then I tossed it all a little so everything was nicely covered, covered the bowl with aluminum foil and let that sit a few hours. Look how yummy that looks:

Marinated Chicken

I was already way ahead on my schedule so I decided to relax a bit. It was really awkward because I didn’t really know what to do next. I had everything under control and that was really a whole new experiment for me.

Next up was the cake. I wanted it to be slightly warm when I would serve it so timing was crucial. When I had the cake in the oven, I started to make my mise en place.

Our guest were a little early but even that didn’t freak me out. I finished making the soup, made the preparations for the main course and then served the soup. Everyone really liked it so I was really happy. I have to admit that the soup was a little spicy but no-one seemed to care about it that much.

When I served the rest of the food, everyone complemented me again about how everything was so delicious (even though they didn’t even have a bite of the main course yet) and looked so nice. For the first time, I was actually really content with how everything worked out.

Then, finally, it was time for some tea and a slice of cake. It was a new recipe I tried so I tasted it before serving it. I thought it was absolutely devine so I had no trouble serving it. Again, I was complemented on the effort I had put in the food and about how nice everything was.


It was such a beautiful evening. I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t panick, stress or hurt myself (when I’m stressed, I tend to cut myself a lot quicker than usual). The food was absolutely lovely; especially the soup. I had already altered the e and I knew what to alter so this time it was perfect. Plus, this time I made my own stock which made the soup extra delicious. I really love homemade food. And the aubergine curry, my God: it was done in no time. In absolutely no time, I had a healthy meal on the table and it didn’t cause me a lot of trouble.

If you’d like to give these recipes a go, the recipe for the aubergine curry can be found here, for the salad here and the recipe for the cake can be found here. Let me know what you thought of the food!


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