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I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I need to do a zillion things and do not know where to begin. Do you know that feeling? I can write things down but I will still have that very same problem. I always think that pretty much everything is equally important so it’s really difficult for me to prioritize things. I have started my spring cleaning, yay, and already finished 1 kitchen cupboard. Go me! Only 15 more to go, 3 drawers, the fridge, the microwave, the oven, the floor and the rest of the house! I really have no idea what happened. Our entire house is one big mess apart from 1 room: my husband’s massage practice. I have done all the laundry but it all needs to be folded. There are so many things I would like to do and I just don’t have the time nor the energy. Why does a day only have 24 hours?

OK, so last weekend: Easter (and today in the Netherlands, since we have pretty much 2 days for each holiday: first and second Easter day (is that even a word?) first and second day of Christmas (but, in my defence: the day we call 2e Kerstdag (so the second day of Christmas) is called ‘Boxing Day’ in the UK). My, my what a lot of brackets… Kudos if you can follow me. Do you see how my blog and posts look? Imagine what it looks like inside my head. On second thought: DON’T! It will drive you nuts.

OK, so again: Easter. I don’t even remember what I did yesterday… I cooked.. and ehh…. oh yeah, it took me half a day to organize one of the kitchen cupboards and my husband, my friend and I took a long walk 🙂 The other half of the day I was busy cooking XD. I have to say, I did quite alright and I had pretty much everything under control. That happens to me more often lately. I plan my meals for a whole week, do my groceries and am done for the week 😀 This has helped me a lot! Ok, so I started our Easter dinner with Ginger and Honey Chicken Wings (a recipe by Jamie Oliver). The only thing I changed in the recipe is that I fried the chicken on high heat in a pan and then wacked the pan in the oven. Easy, peasy 🙂 Doesn’t this look tasty?

Honey and Ginger Chicken Wings - Recipe by Jamie Oliver
So: flavours… It was soooo good! I just love the combination of honey and ginger! If you like chicken wings, you should definitely try this recipe. My husband had one comment about it: “can you please make this with chicken drumsticks next time? That has more meat”. I nicely pointed out the recipe is called Ginger and Honey Chicken WINGS!!!! But, because I do love him, I’ll try making it with drumsticks next time.

The next course was a salad with turkey medallions and a tomato/terragon sauce. It was cold and warm (sauce and turkey were warm) which seemed like a really bad combination but I just had to try it. It was AMAZING! I have uploaded this picture to my Instagram as well:

Salad with tomato-terragon sauce

The creamy texture of the sauce goes really well with the salad. I’ll try to write down what I did (I followed a recipe but added more things because dishes from that side are just really bland and tasteless). As soon as I have the recipe for ya, I’ll post a link below 🙂
The dessert was just absolutely amazing! I tried to make my very own Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake in honor of the Vegan Challenge. I know, it sounds really hypocrite considering the fact that my two previous courses contained meat. Not that I need to explain myself but 1: the meat was organic and 2: try participating in a Vegan Challenge when you live with someone who only wants meat :S This is what the dessert looks like:

Vegan chocolate mousse cake

I know it is not the best picture but the cake sure as hell tasted fantastic!

So what did you do this Easter?

Until next time, love ya!

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