There are so many diets/ weight plans/lifestyles:
– Cambridgejust-start-martin-luther-king-quote-diet
– Paleo
– Herbalife
– Vegan
– Vegetarian
– Raw Vegan
– Pescetarian

and the list goes on. So what is the BEST diet? The answer to that question is surprisingly simple.
– Really?
Yes, really. The answer is: the diet/lifestyle that feels best for your body!
– I’m sorry… WHAT?!?!?!?! That’s no answer!
Actually, it is. Your body is really smart and you just need to listen to it. I think that the best diet is at least alternation. So alternate pizza, fries, hamburgers, shoarma, etc… No, just kidding. Don’t eat the same thing over and over. No matter what diet you’re on.
So are all diets bad for you? No, I wouldn’t say that. There are, however, very bad (and even dangerous) diets out there. No matter what people say, it is NOT healthy to live on 500 kcal per day. You’re just ruining your body that way. I would definitely NOT recommend that.
Personally, I don’t like restrictions. I’m lactose-intolerant and wheat-intolerant. That means I cannot eat things that contain wheat, nor eat/drink things that contain e.g. cow’s milk. I don’t see this as a restriction. I feel really bad when I do consume something that contains either wheat or milk. But when I tell myself I’m no longer allowed to have something, I want it even more. So what about e.g. veganism? That doesn’t work for me. I do, however, try to add vegan snacks and meals in my food routine. I don’t see it as a restriction that way. Sometimes, I just WANT something vegan. There are great resources on the internet. I really love the PPK. Isa Chandra really has a great recipe for vegan mayonaise. I know you can buy vegan mayonaise but I like making things from scratch and this mayo is amazing and makes a great dip too!
I admit that there was a time I thought vegans ate lettuce and carrots (basically). As I got older, I learned this wasn’t true. Then, I had a vegetarian classmate who became vegan. She really opened my eyes and showed me how many variations you can have in a vegan diet. I started to explore things and really loved them. Now, I see it as a challenge to make everything vegan. Not that I only eat vegan things, but I do get upset when I hear that someone who is vegan only got lettuce and other veggies when she went dining with friends and had to pay just as much as the other people. That just makes me mad! I would love to open up a little restaurant with a standard ‘vegan’ section on the menu. I think it’s important that everyone can have a good time when dining out. I think that if you are on a diet, it shouldn’t be difficult to just go out with friends and have a great time. I have restricted my ‘red meat’ intake to a minimum. I do like the taste of, for example, beef but I have learned that it takes quite a lot of energy to digest and since I don’t have much energy to begin with….
I try to watch what I’m eating but sure, I sometimes eat fries or pizza (I usually make it myself because I can make it with spelt flour) and crisps. I’m not going to deny myself these foods because they are “unhealthy”. Heck, I only live once, right? I like to enjoy life and if that means I get to spent 10 years less on this planet, so be it! At least I have enjoyed life and the different foods in the world: vegan, non-vegan, paleo-friendly, paleo-unfriendly, etc.

What can I say? I love food!

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