Asian Salad – Very easy recipe!

Recipe for Asian Salad

This Asian Salad is really easy to make.

Simple Asian Salad

This recipe is for 4 people.

What you’ll need is the following:
1 large winter carrot
1 cucumber
150 g taugé

For the dressing you’ll need:
1 tbs chicken stock
4 tbs vinegar
1 tbs palm sugar
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tsp mirin

Now, let’s get cooking:
Boil some water in a pot. Clean the carrots and cut them in really fine strips (julienne). Wash the cucumber (or, if you prefer it peeled, peel the cucumber) and cut it in slices. Wash the taugé and quickly cook them in the boiled water. Strain and drain well. Toss the vegetables together and start making your dressing. This is really easy, just put all of the ingredients together and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the dressing over the vegetables, toss it so everything is well combined and set aside for 30 minutes.

That’s it, your salad is done!

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