Pumpkin Art

Today, “Inspiration Tuesday” is all about pumpkin art. You will hardly see it here in the Netherlands but I definitely want to try this one day. They make amazing decorating items, amazing candle holders and super cool Halloween decorations. I’m not sure whether you can buy large pumpkins where you are from and I’m pretty sure it’s hard to find it around my place BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t try any of these.

So here are some pictures I found on the internet from amazingly talented people who have done something really awesome with a pumpkin.

1. This Old House has a number of very nice carved pumpkins, one of which is this one:

Pumpkin art - Carousel

2. Wood Rose 4 posted this amazing Maleficent art:

Pumpkin art - Maleficent

3. Just Short of Crazy posted a series of carved pumpkins as well. One of them is this Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas:

Pumpkin art - Jack the Pumpkin King Nightmare before Christmas

4. David Arsenault shared this Angler Pumpkin on his DeviantArt:

Pumpkin art - Angler

5. I found this tinkerbell pumpkin on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link to the website on which it was posted, doesn’t seem to work anymore (I have no idea what it says when you click on the link.

Pumpkin art - Tinkerbell

6. Ashley from Lil Blue Boo drew on a pumpkin with a sharpie and created this:

Pumpkin art - Sharpie owls

7. How about carving some fireflies like Ruth Meharg has done here:

Pumpkin art - Fireflies

8. Popcorn anyone? (Original photo found here)

Pumpkin art - Popcorn

9. You can also just use some paint and jewels or something as seen on this site:

Pumpkin art - Trick or Treat

And the last one for today:

10. I don’t know what to say about this one. It’s just absolutely amazing. Click here to see more of these awesome carvings:

Pumpkin art - Fist in face


So what do think? Are you going to make one of these? I bet you are going to make the last one, right? If you decide to make one of these or another one, do send a¬†picture to me and I will post a few on my website ūüėÄ (send your picture¬†to info.okashinederland@gmail.com No spamming please! Just 1 picture)

Need carving supplies? Buy them here or here.

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