National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day! I love this day. About six years ago, I lived in the UK for about 6 months because I was doing and internship there and that’s when I was first introduced to the Yorkshire Pudding. For those of you who don’t know what this is: it’s an English side dish that consists of flour, eggs and milk (and a little salt and pepper). That’s it. They rise up in the oven and collapse when cooling which gives them their characteristic shape. These puddings are traditionally served with beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. Of course, there are all kinds of variations but for today, I made the traditional one. I served them with this gravy, mashed potatoes and peas. The gravy and the puddings go really well together. I haven’t found a vegan version for the puddings yet, but I will continue the search until I’m happy. If you have, please share in a comment down below. The gravy is quite easy to veganize: just replace the beef stock for vegetable stock and the butter for vegan butter.


The Yorkshire Puddings are really lovely and go really well with the gravy. The pudding is still soft and airy and the gravy is thick and creamy. I had mine without beef but served my husband some slices of beef because he really likes his meat. He said it was a fantastic combination and that the gravy goes really well with everything. It really ties the dish together.

The recipe for the puddings can be found on the food website of the BBC. They are really easy to make and puff up really nicely:

I really recommend making these and serving them with this lovely onion gravy. The best things about the puddings is that they are freezer-friendly so you can make the whole batch and freeze what’s left (I have done the same thing).

What did you think of this recipe? Care to share in a comment down below? Don’t forget, tomorrow is National Dessert Day and I’m going to make something really special. Want to know what? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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