National Frappe Day

Happy National Frappe Day! Yes, like I said: every day is special and today is Frappe Day in America (according to some calendar with all kinds of weird special days which I found online). I had no idea what a ‘Frappe’ was so I googled it. According to Dutch pages it is a Greek foamy coffee drink with ice (not talking about iced coffee). According to some English pages it is simply a beverage, usually a liqueur, poured over shaved ice. I have no idea why I thought it was so fantastic to choose a day to celebrate Frappe because I reálly don’t like coffee. I googled and googled and found this recipe for Matcha Frappe. This could work. 

Healthy Matcha Frappe with coconut milk                             Healthy Matcha Frappe with Coconut milk

Ok, ok it’s not as pretty as as the picture I saw but that is probably because I didn’t have enough ice. If you look closely, you can see ice floating on top in the right glass (with the cat). That’s another thing; a Dutch site said that frappe is originally served in a tall glass. These were the only tall glasses we have (we also have one with a frog). I couldn’t find an ice cube tray so I decided to put some water in a jar. Yeahhh… that was stupid. It took me quite some time to get the ice out of the jar and then I had a problem smashing it. It was not a very succesful move. All I need to do for my next attempt is to figure out how to get the perfect crushed ice.

The taste is really, really good. It’s creamy and rich and a little bit sweet (not too sweet). I would definitely try this again some day but today I was like: F this sh*t. Anyway, if you like coffee or matcha, you will probably like frappe too.

Are you going to drink a frappe today? Care to share in a comment down below?

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Fluffernutter Day! YAY! If you want to know what I made for this day, come back tomorrow to find out!

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