Happy Miner’s Day

Yay, today is Miner’s Day and what better way to celebrate that than with some miner’s food? Last year on the Great British Bakeoff (yes, I LOVE that show), there was a special part on the Cornish Pasty and every since, I wanted to make them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good occasion until today! What I remember from the GBBO is that these were given to the miners because they were easy to eat and very filling. They would hold the crust, eat the inside and throw away the crust after finishing it because it would be inedible because of their dirty hands.

I have used this recipe. Instead of Cornish butter, I have used normal butter and instead of beef skirt, I have used beef filet. They turned out a bit dry so next time I’ll get some beef that has to simmer for hours and put that in the pasties. I also want to try to make a vegan version. I think there’s a plant-based version of suet so it shouldn’t be to hard to make it vegan.

Look at how they turned out:

Cornish Pasty for Miner's Day

They aren’t perfect but really delicious and really filling! I had one and a half of these and was completely full up. They take quite a lot of time to make but it’s absolutely worth the effort. They are also really easy to eat so you can take them pretty much anywhere and have them for lunch. And the best thing is: you don’t necessarily have to have cutlery because you can just eat them like the old miners did ^_^

So, what do you think? Have you ever made these or had these? Let me know in a comment below.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Cotton Candy Day (YAY!). To find out how I celebrated this special day, check back tomorrow!

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