Fluffernutter Day!

Say what? Fluffernutter or Flutternutter (I’ve seen both on the internet, don’t know which one is correct). I didn’t know what it was either so I googled it. A fluffernutter sandwich is a sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. My first reaction was: ‘Oh my, Americans are really weird.’ My friend responded dryly: ‘FYI: Marshmallow fluff is very nice on a sandwich.’

‘OK. Challenge Accepted’.

I didn’t want to use storebought marshmellow fluff because I think they are chock-full of things I do not want to eat so I decided to make my own. I read different recipes but the problem with using only part of an egg is that I have to find a way to use the other part because I don’t want to throw it away. Then, I stumbled upon this recipe: Vegan Marshmallow Fluff. I was very sceptical but decided to go with it anyway. After mixing for about 8 minutes, I checked the mixer to see how my fluff was doing. I already had fluff. Yes, it was fluff!!! I couldn’t believe it. I stopped the mixer and tasted it. How good could it be when you make it with chickpea liquid, right? OMG! It was soooooo good. And look, it really is fluffy:

Vegan Marshmallow Fluff from chickpea water (brine)

My next step was to mix some peanut butter with some fluff. I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and made some cookie dough in the meantime. I don’t really remember what I did exactly but I’ll figure it out and place the recipe on my website as well. I made some disks, placed some of the fluff in the middle (see left picture below) and placed another disk of dough on top (see right picture below), pinched the sides together and threw the cookie tray into the oven. About 15 minutes later, they were done. I let them cool and tasted one: heaven!!!! They are chewy, yet have a little crunch. They are not too sweet, have a nice fresh baking taste and are a little sticky but in a kind and pleasing way (according to my husband).

Spelt Fluffernutter Cookies almost ready for the oven                                Spelt Fluffernutter Cookies ready for the oven

He asked me if we had a nice snack so I said: ‘I have cookies’. He was like: ‘what kind’ and I was like ‘fluffernutter’ (he saw me baking them but whatever). I didn’t really expect him to say he wanted one because if there is one person in the whole wide world who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, it’s him. However, he said he wanted to try one. I gave him a cookie and waited for a response. His face didn’t say anything (he is very good at showing he doesn’t like something with his face). When I asked him what he thought of the cookies, he said that they were a little doughy but that they were quite nice. I looked at the cookie but they were cooked through… no raw dough. He then asked whether there was something in it so I said yes: fluffernutter… hence the name: fluffernutter cookies. All of a sudden his face lit up and he said: ‘Do we have more?’ I eyed him like he was nuts and messing with me and he said: ‘I’m serious! Do we have more?’. Later on the day, we had visitors and I served them a cookie with the tea. They liked it as well. Now the only problem is, I need to figure out what I did EXACTLY. Guess I have to recreate them again 😉

Spelt FlufferNutter Cookies Halloween

Credits for pimping my cookie picture go to: Inge from www.ingeniousbyme.com

So did you make something with fluffernutter as well today? Care to share in a comment down below? Don’t forget, tomorrow is ‘World Egg Day’. Want to know what I did for this Special Day? Check back tomorrow!


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