World Card Making Day

Happy World Card Making Day! Yup, today is World Card Making Day so of course, I made some cards too. I wanted to do something Halloween themed because it’s already October. I have a few stamps so my options aren’t endless but I know that some of you (maybe most) won’t have stamps at all. This is the problem I stumbled upon when I was starting out with making cards. Most of the really pretty cards, where made with things I do not have. So I decided to make one card with stamps and one card without. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Halloween themed stamps. You can be creative with what you have, like I did. My first card is this one:

World Card Making Day 2015 - Frankenstein and Candy Corn Halloween Card from Sending Sunshine Kit

It is made with the Sending Sunshine Kit by Create a Smile. First, I coloured the background with pastel chalks. I started off with some light blue and kept making it darker towards the bottom. Because I couldn’t get the edges like I wanted, I started to making them a little “older”. I used two different colours of brown and a grey chalk and blended this inward with a cotton ball. This gave it a little vintage/steampunk look. I then made the edges black with some chalk as well. As you can see there are some darker “spots” in the card. This was actually an accident and happened because I was wearing a band aid which was wet from washing my hands. It then stained my card. Luckily, it totally fits into the card 😀 I then took out my stamps and stamped them onto white cardstock. I coloured them in with pastel chalk as well and drew over the edges with a black marker. I placed two little silver “bolds” next to the jellyfish’s head to make him look like a little Frankenstein. The lobster is wearing a little candy corn costume ^_^. There’s one thing I’m not too happy about and that is the ‘Happy Halloween’. I wish I had a stamp for that or letter stamps to make that perfect. I have it in my head how I can fix it but I do not have the materials yet.

My second card is made without stamps:

World Card Making Day 2015 - Spider Halloween Card made with buttons

I just placed a few buttons here and there and placed a smaller one on top. Then, I drew little feet and made the “banners” with ‘Happy Halloween’. To finish the card off, I glued some yarn on the card as well as if the spiders were coming down from it. The “A”s in Happy Halloween are little ghost inspired by the little pacman ghosts. That’s it: simple as that.

So two completely different Halloween Cards with minimal supplies. I’m quite happy with them. Have you made cards today as well? Care to share in a comment down below?

Happy Card Making Day! And don’t forget: tomorrow is National Taco Day (I think in America but I thought it was funny and went with that) so check back tomorrow for another ‘Every Day is Special’ and to find out what kind of tacos I made!

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