My little dragon

I was leafing through a magazine called ‘Amigurumi and Friends‘ and found a pattern for the cuttest little dragon I had ever seen. I decided to make it. I had a lot of trouble at the beginning because the pattern is in Dutch.

‘Say what? You have trouble reading Dutch? But you ARE Dutch!’

Yes, I know. But I have always crocheted from English patterns and I only know the English terminology. So I was translating the pattern for myself when my friend saw it and said: ‘Hey, I know that pattern. It’s originally an English pattern. I saw it on Ravelry. Hold on, I’ll send you the link.’

>_< ZOMFG!!!!!!

So, that’s when I made the biggest mistake of my life: I clicked the link. It brought me to Stephanie Lau’s Ravelry shop and I really, really, really wish I had not done that. On her page were the most beautiful and cuttest patterns EVER!!!!! So my mind was like:


It’s not like my ‘I really need to crochet these things before I die’-list is empty. It’s already a never ending list and it just got longer! Anyway, I checked for the pattern of the dragon and it was indeed an English pattern: YAY!!! I basically crocheted from the original pattern (the Dutch one was pretty complicated eventhough I eventually figured out the terms; it was not the best translation…. sorry). I had quite a lot of trouble with the legs and made them quite a few times because I just couldn’t seem to get them the same size. I also didn’t have the colours Stephanie used, so I used what I had at hand. I’m actually pretty happy with the result. Crocheting teeny, tiny things is not really my thing (as you may have seen in this post) but I’m pretty happy with the result. Check out ma awesome dragon, y’all:

Stephanie Lau dragon

Innit kewl? If you want to have the pattern as well, click HERE! Go check out the rest of her shop. Her patterns are really cute. WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! To see more pictures of my little dragon, check out my Ravelry page.

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