Little Goat

A while back (somewhere around this time last year, I think), I came across a Russian pattern for a little goat. I fell in love with it and decided to make it. The head and the body turned out quite well but then I had a problem because I didn’t have the right green colour for the paws. I couldn’t find the right colour anywhere.

Then, after a month or two, a friend came across a dark green colour and decided to buy it. She gave it to me because she thought it might be good enough for the paws. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was super thrilled. I wanted to wait with the paws a little while until I had finished the ears (I have no idea why I didn’t think of that before). I failed miserably… again and again and again. So I threw the goat aside and decided I would finish it later. ‘Later’ came but I couldn’t find my pattern. Until recently, when I found both my unfinished goat AND the pattern. I decided to finish what I started. First, I tried the ears… and failed…. AGAIN! Then, after getting a little frustrated, I carefully read the pattern again and decided to translate the bit about the ears to English. This way, it would be easier for me because in Russian, it’s really easy for me to read over an important part of the pattern. After that, I finished the ear the way it was supposed to be! YAY!!!! PARTYYYYYYYY! Ok, no party, but I was really happy. Then, on to the paws: they turned out great and my goat was finally looking more and more like a goat.

Next up were the horns. They were tricky as well because they were similar to the horn of my unicorn. The unicorn had one big advantage: it only had ONE horn. This goat had TWO! I worked it out and really got the hang of it. I finished both horns in less time it took me to finish that one horn of the unicorn. This made me so proud that I decided to redo my unicorn (you know, since I don’t already have a never ending list of things I still want to make, haha).

When I had hooked all parts, another problem occured: shaping the face. Reading the Russian pattern was not too difficult for me but reading the instructions in between is a whole different story. Google translate was no help at all. When I finally had the face done, I could assemble it. When I got to the nose, however, I noticed I didn’t have a nose that was big enough for his face. I only had tiny noses…. Luckily, within a few days, I had found the perfect nose for this job and glued it on top because I couldn’t fix it in the back of the nose (on the inside of the goat) because I had already closed it (I followed the pattern so I think you need a nose with a little eye on the back that you can sew onto your project).

Anyway, after all this time, this was the result:

Little Goat after Russian Crochet Pattern - closeup                  Little Goat after Russian Crochet Pattern - front

Little Goat after Russian Crochet Pattern - nose                                                Little Goat after Russian Crochet Pattern


I’m so proud <3 For more information about this project and the pattern, please see my Ravelry page.

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