Vena Cork – Thorn

  Title        : Thorn Author      : Vena Cork Pages       : 340 ISBN        : 9780755323937 can be purchased here or here Summary: A tragedy has changed Rosa Thorn’s life forever. She’s taken the post of drama teacher at the local school that her teenage son and daughter attend, but […]

Proud and sad at the same time

Look at this post on Annemarie’s Haakblog My design was chosen ^_^ I’m so super proud of this =D It means the world to me! I always set the bar very high for myself. And with ‘very’ I really mean ‘very’. Where you may see the wonderful things in my design, I see the flaws. […]

Amazing man

So I read a news article recently and it had this video embedded in it: This man is an absolute genius! I mean, look at the “paintings” he makes. I sure as hell can’t do what he does… I can’t even draw or paint it! And I have full control over my body! (well.. sort […]

Queensday… or Kingsday… whatever

Ok, so today is a big holiday in the Netherlands: Kingsday! It used to be Queensday but now that we have a king, it has, of course, become Kingsday (I still prefer to call it Queensday because that’s what it has been for years. Anyway, what is this? Well, click the link below to find […]

Spring cleaning… how is it going so far?

So how am I doing with my spring cleaning? I’m actually doing not so bad. I have already cleaned half the kitchen so only a little bit more to go. Apart from the stove, I’ve cleaned up the most filthy places and I have to admit, I am shocked at the things I’ve discovered. I’ve found […]

Ma birthday!

Okay, so if you have been following me or if you know me, you know that yesterday was my birthday. The day before, I was very nervous and worried because there was this bad burning smell and blue mist or something coming from the kitchen… you know… like something burned… BIG TIME! My hubby was […]

Birthday coming up… new me :D

Promise and Announcement Ok, so tomorrow is my birthday (YAY!) and I have decided to really dedicate myself to this blog. I will regularly publish new posts and I will start a YouTube channel. I have so many ideas and it’s about time that I actually do something with those ideas. I will make two […]


What is aromatherapy exactly? According to this dictionary, it means the following: massage of the body and especially of the face with a preparation of fragrant essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits; broadly :  the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being So it is actually the art of healing with […]

Buying a haunted house: creepy or downright genius?

Ok, so today I read this newspaper article about a football player who had bought a haunted villa. This immediately got my attention and I started a little research about this villa. Is it really haunted or is it all just a bollocks? After what I’ve read about the villa, I’m still not positive that it is […]

Cleaning the table and chairs

I have been painting quite a lot lately, so there was some paint on the table (woops). Since it was acrylic paint, I was not so worried. I just let it dry and I decided to clean it whenever I felt like it. *** OK, hold on. I’m going to interrupt this post to tell […]