Cookie Day

YAY! Today is Cookie Day! Who doesn’t like cookies? I should eat cookies all day to celebrate this day! I could have started the day with some healthy Pumpkin breakfast cookies, than have a chocolate cookie as a snack, eat a granola bar or something for lunch, have another yummy cookie as a snack again […]

Happy Great Union Day!

Today is ‘Great Union Day’ in Romania. It’s a national holiday also known as ‘Unification Day’ (Ziua Marii Uniri in Romanian). On this day, they celebrate the union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918. I decided to do a little something for this special day by cooking some Romanian food. After a long time, a […]

National Gumbo Day

Happy National Gumbo Day! I have wanted to make gumbo for a very long time. I never ate nor made gumbo so I was not sure what would make it authentic. I found different recipes but decided to go with this one: Mrs. Mooney’s Secret Gumbo. I know the recipes says that there is no […]

National Sausage Pizza Day!

I love healthy food and I definitely watch what I eat BUT it is no secret that I love pizza as well. Have you ever checked the bottom of a pizza box? Have you got any idea how many calories are in a pizza? You’ll be shocked. Whenever I eat pizza, I usually make it […]

World Porridge Day

Today must be my most favourite weird/special day to celebrate: World Porridge Day! I absolutely LOVE porridge. I eat it almost every morning. There are so many kinds of porridges: oatmeal, rice, quinoa, wheat, overnight, cooked, etc, etc. The event is actually organised to raise funds for Mary’s Meals, which is a charity based in […]

National Noodle Day

Happy Noodle Day! Yes, today we’re celebrating Noodle Day so I decided to make a noodle soup. I created my own recipe and call it “Ingenious Noodle Soup” because it’s made specially for my friend Inge. Last night, I made the batter for the noodles and let it stand overnight. “You made your own noodles?” Yes, it […]

Super Simple Balsamic Glaze

Sometimes, a recipe calls for ‘balsamic glaze’. To be honest, I have never seen it in a store around here so I decided to make my own. Now, I have to say that because I never had balsamic glaze from a bottle, I’m not sure how it should taste exactly but this glaze is really […]

World Vegetarian Day

Today is World Vegetarian Day so I decided to make a three-course meal for this special day. I wanted to go with a French theme and planned the whole thing ahead. Our menu for today looks like this: Starter: Baguette with Bruchetta Main: Ratatouille with Roasted Potatoes Dessert: Riz au Lait Of course, I wanted […]

Homemade Spelt bread

You can make 2 loaves of spelt bread with this recipe Recipe by: Okashi Nederland You will need: 2 tsp powdered dried yeast 600ml warm water (not hot!)* 1 tsp palm sugar, agave syrup  or any other unrefined sugar 1kg wholewheat spelt flour 1 tbs finely ground himalayan salt 1 tbsp sunflower oil Spelt flakes for covering […]

Vegan Stuffed Eggplant

  Adapted from Alexandra Cooks Serves 3-4   For the rolls: 3-4 small eggplants (or 2 large ones) Himalayan salt olive oil for frying tomato sauce, (I made it myself, recipe will follow very soon) For the stuffing 1/2 cup of bread crumbs* 1 cup vegan ricotta, (I also made this myself, recipe will follow very soon) grated zest […]