Autumn Crafts

Another Tuesday, another ‘Inspiration Tuesday’. Today is all about autumn crafts: yes, we’re staying in the autumn-mood. Because the weather gets worse and it rains more during the autumn months, I feel more like crafting. So today I’ve made a small selection of things YOU can do these rainy months (except when you live in […]

Repurpose or Upcycle an old T-shirt

It’s already Tuesday so that  means it’s time for another “Inspiration Tuesday”. I received a boatload of old shirts and sweaters last  week and wondered if I could do a little project with some of them. I started to Google and found some really interesting tutorials. This give me the inspiration for today’s Inspiration Tuesday. […]

Autumn Recipes

A new season means new seasonal produce hit the shelves in the stores. I really love cooking with food that is in season. My favourite autumn food is pumpkin. You can make sooooo many things with pumpkin: pies, soup, cake, stew and the list goes on. Even though in some countries you can buy canned pumpkin […]

Pumpkin Art

Today, “Inspiration Tuesday” is all about pumpkin art. You will hardly see it here in the Netherlands but I definitely want to try this one day. They make amazing decorating items, amazing candle holders and super cool Halloween decorations. I’m not sure whether you can buy large pumpkins where you are from and I’m pretty […]

Fall Decorating Ideas

DECORATIONS FOR FALL It’s almost that time of the year when the leaves change colour and swirl down the trees, when you can find mushrooms in the woods and fresh pumpkins at the store again. Yes, I’m talking about the wonderful season called ‘Autumn’ (of ‘Fall’ as the Americans call it and which I actually prefer…). True: […]