World Egg Day

Happy World Egg Day! This day is an opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs. Find some of the benefits here. World Egg Day began in 1996 and is celebrated annually on the second Friday of October. Of course, we are going to celebrate it too by making ‘Scotch Eggs’. Who hasn’t […]

Fluffernutter Day!

Say what? Fluffernutter or Flutternutter (I’ve seen both on the internet, don’t know which one is correct). I didn’t know what it was either so I googled it. A fluffernutter sandwich is a sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. My first reaction was: ‘Oh my, Americans are really weird.’ My friend responded dryly: ‘FYI: […]

National Frappe Day

Happy National Frappe Day! Yes, like I said: every day is special and today is Frappe Day in America (according to some calendar with all kinds of weird special days which I found online). I had no idea what a ‘Frappe’ was so I googled it. According to Dutch pages it is a Greek foamy […]

National Noodle Day

Happy Noodle Day! Yes, today we’re celebrating Noodle Day so I decided to make a noodle soup. I created my own recipe and call it “Ingenious Noodle Soup” because it’s made specially for my friend Inge. Last night, I made the batter for the noodles and let it stand overnight. “You made your own noodles?” Yes, it […]

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day

Today is Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day! This day is anually celebrated on the first Sunday of October. It celebrates the uniqueness, charm, romance and warm hospitality that staying at a B&B offers. I have thus selected a few amazing Bed and Breakfasts around the world. If you want a fun or special place to stay […]

National Taco Day and World Animal Day

Not  only is it World Animal Day, it’s also National Taco Day (I swear it’s true! They even have their own website!) So today’s post is all about these two special days. I’m going to start of with National Taco Day. I decided to make my own tacos from scratch. This was the result: NAILED […]

World Card Making Day

Happy World Card Making Day! Yup, today is World Card Making Day so of course, I made some cards too. I wanted to do something Halloween themed because it’s already October. I have a few stamps so my options aren’t endless but I know that some of you (maybe most) won’t have stamps at all. This […]

International Day of Non-Violence

Today is International Day of Non-Violence. So what is it? According to the website of the UN: The International Day of Non-Violence is marked on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence. According to General Assembly resolutionA/RES/61/271 of 15 June […]

World Vegetarian Day

Today is World Vegetarian Day so I decided to make a three-course meal for this special day. I wanted to go with a French theme and planned the whole thing ahead. Our menu for today looks like this: Starter: Baguette with Bruchetta Main: Ratatouille with Roasted Potatoes Dessert: Riz au Lait Of course, I wanted […]