Happy Miner’s Day

Yay, today is Miner’s Day and what better way to celebrate that than with some miner’s food? Last year on the Great British Bakeoff (yes, I LOVE that show), there was a special part on the Cornish Pasty and every since, I wanted to make them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good occasion until today! What […]

Happy Sinterklaas!

Ok, so today is the 5th of December. In the Netherlands, that means celebrating a holiday called ‘Sinterklaas’ (St. Nicholas). By now, I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this holiday because it has been under attack by the UN for being a racist holiday. Believe what you want, this is a CHILDREN’S holiday and […]

Cookie Day

YAY! Today is Cookie Day! Who doesn’t like cookies? I should eat cookies all day to celebrate this day! I could have started the day with some healthy Pumpkin breakfast cookies, than have a chocolate cookie as a snack, eat a granola bar or something for lunch, have another yummy cookie as a snack again […]

Happy Make-a-Gift-Day

So today is ‘Make a Gift’ day. What better way than to celebrate it with…. making a gift? I started off with a painting. I wanted to make a painting of the northern lights and stick christmas light behind  the canvas so it really has stars in the background. Unfortunately, it took me a little […]

Happy Fritters Day

Yay, today is ‘Fritters Day’. What better way to celebrate it than making some for dinner? I still had a courgette (zucchini) left so I bought one more and made Courgette Fritters. I have made them before and they weren’t very successful but I have now found a recipe which is amazing! It’s called ‘Zucchini Fritters […]

Happy Great Union Day!

Today is ‘Great Union Day’ in Romania. It’s a national holiday also known as ‘Unification Day’ (Ziua Marii Uniri in Romanian). On this day, they celebrate the union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918. I decided to do a little something for this special day by cooking some Romanian food. After a long time, a […]

National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day! I love this day. About six years ago, I lived in the UK for about 6 months because I was doing and internship there and that’s when I was first introduced to the Yorkshire Pudding. For those of you who don’t know what this is: it’s an English side dish that […]

National Gumbo Day

Happy National Gumbo Day! I have wanted to make gumbo for a very long time. I never ate nor made gumbo so I was not sure what would make it authentic. I found different recipes but decided to go with this one: Mrs. Mooney’s Secret Gumbo. I know the recipes says that there is no […]

National Sausage Pizza Day!

I love healthy food and I definitely watch what I eat BUT it is no secret that I love pizza as well. Have you ever checked the bottom of a pizza box? Have you got any idea how many calories are in a pizza? You’ll be shocked. Whenever I eat pizza, I usually make it […]

World Porridge Day

Today must be my most favourite weird/special day to celebrate: World Porridge Day! I absolutely LOVE porridge. I eat it almost every morning. There are so many kinds of porridges: oatmeal, rice, quinoa, wheat, overnight, cooked, etc, etc. The event is actually organised to raise funds for Mary’s Meals, which is a charity based in […]